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For specialist legal advice following a rape or sexually violent crime

Compensation for rape victims – UK

Rape victim compensation

There are many thousands of rape related (non-consensual sex) cases in the UK every year.

A huge number go unreported as some victims have a tendency to blame themselves or simply want to avoid going through the ordeal of involving the police or medical services. The emotional invasive nature of such a crime can affect victims for many years to come.

Fortunately the body that deals with criminal compensation in the UK recognises this. The CICA usually take a sympathetic view of non-consensual sex cases and the awards that they make for those victims that do make a claim, tend to be relatively generous in comparison to other crimes.

It is not uncommon for sexual violence to occur in the home at the hands of a partner. Domestic violence is no longer treated lightly by the police and anyone who suffers sexual or physical harm at the hands of their partner, should consider reporting the matter to the authorities. This may be a big step to take but it may also be an inevitable one.

If you have been the victim of rape or any other sexual related crime – we would like to help you claim compensation for the trauma you have suffered. 

Our sympathetic professional team will offer you guidance and advice to ensure that your claim is made with the minimum of hassle and stress.

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What help is available for victims..?

There are some very useful services on the web for victims to receive support and therapy following a crime of this nature. We would recommend the following resources:

Victim Support

Rape Crisis