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Criminal injury claims we can help with

How we can help with your case

Our specialist legal team can help you deal with your criminal injury claim against the CICA. We aim to minimise any inconvenience or hassle whilst ensuring you have the best possible prospect of achieving a successful outcome.

We can deal with the following claims on your behalf:

If you have suffered historical physical or sexual abuse from when you were a child (under the age of 18) we can help you claim compensation for any physical or psychological abuse you have suffered. Read more about Abuse Claims service.

We can assist you in making a claim for compensation following a non-consensual sexual assault or rape.  Such cases are surprisingly common and can involve not just violent sexual assaults committed by strangers but often people that the victims know well, including their partners. Read more about our Rape victim compensation service.

For those who have suffered either physical or mental injuries as a result of a physical assault; this may include a single incident, or period of domestic violence, or an unprovoked assault in the street; we can assist you in making a claim through the CICA for your injuries. To find out more read our Physical injury following assault page.

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Why choose our service..?

We are a regulated specialist law firm who deal with criminal injury claims across the UK. Our service is one that focuses entirely on the victim to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome without the stress and worry that might usually go with making a compensation claim. Our staff are well trained professionals who will at all times consider your feelings and provide you with the patience and empathy that your situation deserves.

Making a criminal injury claim is not an easy thing to do for many victims. But we believe it is all part of the process of recovery and very much helps with trying to put an awful experience behind you. Whilst you can never change the past, you can obtain some redress for what has happened to you and that is a positive way to channel your thoughts.